Degradation of Mangroves in the Coastal Zones of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra [ ]

The present investigation is an attempt to make an in depth study of seven sample villages i.e._ Anusure, Purngad, Ganeshgule, Jakemerya, Kolthare, Dhabol, Anjarle in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The data for mangroves was collected from villages and tehsil revenue department. The data collected, was converted into percentage. The primary data was collected through questionnaires on the basis of perceptions of farmers and villagers. Besides this, personal visits were made to selected sample villages and observations are noted for acquiring correct information. Questionnaire has covered various aspects related to mangroves i.e. Function of mangroves, mangroves species, uses of mangroves for livelihood, mangrove protection/ conservation, etc.