Comparative Study of Online Shopping Experience With Specific Reference to Mobile Apps Based Shopping [ ]

Technological innovations have entirely transformed the business dynamics across all industry verticals today. These radical changes in the technology and usage of internet have considerably decreased the gap between the business and customers. In this current digital era, the increase in usage of personal digital devices continued with faster evolutions of laptops, palmtops, tablets and smart phones. E-commerce markets have emerged by leveraging the technology and increased internet usage. B2B and B2C markets have foreseen the opportunities in the online retail markets which helped them not only in getting a wide presence in the market but also in generating more products and increased customer base. In today’s world, information, communication and evolving latest technology are moving to mobile devices. Different generations of technology in the wireless communications have also improved the speed, efficiency and flexibility in the mobile internet transactions and this is to an extent, many people possess a smart phone in their pockets that are bundled with so many applications. Almost all the players in the e-commerce space have introduced their own mobile application in a move to increase their revenue in this fast moving business world. In addition to this, few companies have started concentrating more on their m-commerce business as a trend and they claiming that they get more traffic and orders from mobile applications. This paper looks at the trend in Mobile commerce market in India, which is expected to grow significantly to benefit the e-retailers industry.