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Business Intelligence

Thabit Zatari

Abstract- Business Intelligence is becoming more significant to firms and organizations because with business intelligence they may have good knowledge management (Boylan 2015). Business Intelligence basically is computer software that assists firms to gain more perspectives into addressing the data needs and crucial operations through reporting applications and analysis tools ((Boylan 2015).

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Business Intelligence applications can enhance organizations and companies with good ability to have quick decisions in order to understand various kinds of ideas. Business Intelligence tools help companies in customer databases, sales and marketing activities and supply chain information, so they can get much leverage from this data. Also, most Business Intelligence Software works via the web, which is going to consolidate and analyze enterprise (Boylan 2015).
In addition, Business Intelligence can help users to
The goal of traditional reporting system is users have
data based on a fixed and predefined structuring. BI users
can have good visibility such as what customers are buying. So, firms can have a good advantage from customer data to sales and if customers touch the point of cross-sell (Schiff 2010).On another hand, it is very important to get faster decisions because when firms get the information very fast they can make decisions faster.
It helps firms to have more perspectives and more
organizers to find out all the threats and opportunities
(Henrichsen 2012).
analyze tBhuesinefosrsmcoartpionratoionnt(hSetierholewnn.d. )T(hTehoWmepbsFoOnC2U01S1). Business Intelligence Software
also which is the reporting engine that makes the data
into data meaningful information, so the end users can
have a lot of Web components for presenting information and interacting. WebFOCUS firms and organizations can have good capability to provide good analysis solutions with high security systems. IT staff can only focus on the security (Boylan 2014).
The most important thing in Business Intelligence software is IT staff cannot do reporting burden because they are already creating and customizing for users, so they can concentrate on strategic technology initiatives. Another important thing is Business Intelligence software provides a lot of improved decision making that helps firms to have good business performance in order to get faster results with complete information (Boylan 2014).

Why business Intelligence is important to use? Nowadays, a lot of companies are developing Business Intelligence software in order to help them centralize and get better decisions to predict future performance (Henrichsen 2012). There are many benefits in business intelligence listed below:

Reduced labor costs:

Business Intelligence can save time and effort instead of
doing reports of the organization manually, and you will
get much benefit though because the companies will see
tangible results. BI systems can reduce labor costs in
many aspects such as automating data collection and
aggregation and also it reduces training nodded for developing and maintaining reports (Henrichsen 2012).

Make data actionable:

loyees spend too much time to sort the data and by the end don’t
Business Intelligence software is software that is created to be designed and analyzes the business data, which can give firms and organizations clear understanding about strengths and weaknesses. Basically, Business Intelligence software enhances the organization’s management to get better perspective for making good decision of resources, so firms may play a key role in the strategic planning process of the corporation (Stehle n.d) (Thompson 2011).
There are many benefits of using Business Intelligence software. The first benefit is business users can be more dependent from IT dependence, which they can easily access to analyze data. Also, Business Intelligence software can enhance guest experience which firms can build long-term customer relationships; they can have customer’s profile in order to offer more services and get feedback to gain satisfaction and loyalty (Thompson
Furthermore, it is very significant for firms and
organizations to choose the right business intelligence
software. Small business prefer to use one program with all the intelligence functions because it less costly than using many programs. But, many larger firms use many intelligence programs in order to focus on the data for each department.
However, cloud software also allow firms to save data and share the date through the Interment, and third party manage their information. All business intelligence tools and software can give clear pictures to the users, which they can easily understand, organize, arrange and format the data. There are common functions that performed by software program:

Customers Intelligence:

It is very helpful tool to analyze consumer trends and get
clear pictures of their consumers. For instance, Facebook
ence systems information actionable can help users to search and
is a powerful marketing platform and that’s why every
an use it not only for IT department. Also, data actionable is
company needs to have BI Intelligence in order to meet
ily carry out corrective actions (Henrichsen 2012).

New insights:

customer need. Facebook is a powerful marketing platform (Thompson 2011).

Operating reporting:

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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 6, Issue 4, April-2015 139

ISSN 2229-5518

Users can have reporters about the operation and managers can track and updated at the same time (Thompson 2011).


Managers can predict many alternative solutions that
assist them to make fast decision-making (Thompson

Business Analytics in Socia media and tools

Social media can help business’ to have better insight and good techniques in order to evaluate the success of their own social media initiatives. Also, social media analytics programs can enhance businesses to have better performances. On the other hand, if any organizations and firms do not join in this community, they will lose a great opportunity of market share; and they will miss huge of information about consumers. Furthermore, social media has media has leverages to companies because they can get many useful analytics of connections and posts that may show them clear direction, which assist companies to have successful strategies.
It is very important today in business to have good social media tools in order to increase the business running. There are five best social media tools in the market today:
It has many features such handling up to one hundred
social networks to initialize and get better view to
manage and keep an eye on all the social networks. It
does not care about how long the list of networks.
This is one of the real program for may concern really
about data matters. It is a really useful program because
it has support for 25 different languages. Also, it gives
you flexible data analytics which are easy to customize. Also, you can dissect your data in thousands of ways to discover more meaningful insights and monitor and track campaigns in real time.
This is one of the best tools to help business to reach each
audience at the right times. Also, Buffer enhances business to know they are working and what is no. This helps business to know which is the better time to post on social media and give detailed analytics.
Top -Topsy
Topsy has capability to see what happens at this
moment in social networking sites. It is a very helpful tool
because it allows business to know what is going between competitors. With Topsy you can see what happens at particular points in time.
-Moz Analytics:
It is a very specific program because it gives users online
analytics, which enhance users marketing effort. Also, it
gives new SEO opportunities and helps user to learn
what to do next . Also users can have advantages to
communicate with experts, so they can get other benefits without charging any extra fees.
Most firms nowadays care about social media because it is the technological world and they have found their clients have used social media such as Facebook,
Instagram, and Twitter in order to put their feedback about products.


Finally, businesses will have clear understanding and good perspective when they use Business Intelligence software because they will get the capability to take quick decisions and better ideas. In addition, business intelligence users can do analyzing to the data in order to have best efficiently and good outcomes. In my point of view, I think most firms should have many benefits of business intelligence because it will help them to reduce labor cost, make data actionable, and new insight.
`Business Intelligence software has many benefits such as building customer relationships or forecasting which they can expect in the future. On other hand, business analytics dominates social media because with it they can know what consumers are saying about their products.


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