Basic configuration of determination of Fat, Protein, Lactose and TS, SNF in infant formula milk powder by using MilkoScan FT120 [ ]

Considering the importance of infant feeding which mainly depends of milk that is first place in the food chain and purposes of ensuring the health and safety by getting the best with a standard specification product nutritionally sufficient to contribute to normal growth and development of the protein content, fat , Total solid , Solid Nonfat and lactose of the five types in infant formula milk powder (over 6 months) circulating in the local markets and pharmacies , which are used as substitutes for breast milk during the first day of opening the box to the expiration date .The average composition of Milk types were : 29.27% fat, 21.90% protein, 45.66% Lactose 2.39 Total solid and 0.78% Solid Nonfat.