Assessment of the Effects of Heavy Metals from Dumpsite Leachate on Groundwater Quality: a case study of Oyo Town, Nigeria [ ]

The aim of this work was to assess the impact of heavy metals from a functional waste dumpsite leachates on the groundwater integrity in the vicinity of the waste dumpsite located in Akunlemu/Ogeese community in Oyo town. Soil samples were collected from six different locations on the dumpsite at the surface at different location on the dumpsite. Six different groundwater samples were collected at various distances from the dumpsite. All the samples were examined for zinc, lead, copper, iron, cadmium and manganese. The levels of concentration of the heavy metals in the groundwater samples were compared with the WHO (World Health Organization) standard to check if their concentration is higher than the permissible limit or lower in the standard laid down.