Analyzing Network Coding in Loss wireless [ ]

Providing a reliable and efficient network services in wireless is very challenging mission because of the instability nature in wireless. For this reason, communication between devices using wireless could be lossy and lead to different issues such as noise interference losing packet and channel fading. Network coding has been shown to provide better throughput, more reliability and secure data transfer in various network topologies. In this research I study the reliability of broadcasting multicasting and unicast in lossy network using network coding in the packet level where the reliability defined by the probability that every node in the network receives the packets of every other node for broadcasting and subgroup of nodes for multicasting, whereas unicast is the case when there is one or more than one sender and one receiver. Also I covered some topics in wired network that has mutual impact with wireless network. Moreover, I present information on some security issues of a network coding system. I concluded my paper by discussing the future of network coding.