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Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2012 , By IJSER Editorial Board
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:04:36 pm »
The June issue of third edition of IJSER volume 3 issue 6 consist of 240 papers.
Papers review.
All areas of engineering and science like Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Geology,
Statistics, Accounting, Social Science, Mathematics, Management and Economics are covered.

The paper presented by P. Swami, T. Gandhi, S.S. Ray, S. Anand on Wireless Electro-oculogram Biopotential
Amplifer, its design and development efficiently allows conditioning of electro-oculogram signals. The method that
employs filters between the pre-amplification and the amplification stages eliminates the out-of-band frequencies
before amplification, which in turn reduces the possibility of interferences from high frequency noises and
maximizes the dynamic power consumption. This can be effectively used for rehabilitative purposes.
Another paper of diagnostic importance is paper presented by Harman Kataria and Alka Jindal A Proposed
technique for Brain MRI Using Region Based Segmentation. They propose that utilizing such technique of region
based segmentation, abnormal tissue can be differentiated by normal tissue. An improved segmentation with local
region based active contour and variational level set formulation method along with their differentiation and their
results successfully applied on both 2d as well as 3d images.
A topic of varied interest was presented by Muragendra B. T. on Copyright and Trademark in Cyberspace, with
increasing infringement with Linking and Framing, Uploading of copyright material, Downloading of copyright
material, Domain Name disputes like Cyber squatter, Cyber parasite, Cyber twins and Reverse domain name
hijacking, protection of copyrights in cyberspace is of utmost concern.

The paper presented by Hossein Meiboudi, Hasan Karimzadegan on Education and biodiversity focuses on
spreading the environmental conservation culture by utilizing means to education about environmental problems.