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Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2012 , By IJSER Editorial Board
« on: April 12, 2014, 02:02:03 pm »
IJSER October issue volume 3 issue 10 has 244 papers.
Papers review

All areas of engineering and science like Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Medical Science, Geology,
Statistics, Accounting, Social Science, Mathematics, Management and Economics are covered (the areas are not
limited to the following):

Papers of significance in this issue.
Syed Shabib-ul-Hasan, Hina Naz presents paper on branchless banking which is a substitute for Hawala system in
Pakistan. Branchless banking particularly involves no formal banking system. Internet, SMS banking, mobile banking,
ATMís, POS and EFTPOS. Mobile banking is the most prevalent ways of branchless banking. Hawala is an informal,
traditional system for financial transactions which is devoid of money transaction but involves transaction among
parties on mutual trust basis. This work is done with the aim to acknowledge the importance of branchless banking
in financial transactions and can it really help us in fighting against money laundering and other illicit functioning
through Hawala, which is widely used in underdeveloped and developing countries like Pakistan. Furthermore, this
paper also aims at highlighting the similarity between Hawala and Mobile Banking and to explore if these similarities
could bring the unbanked population into financial mainstream.
Jaswinder Singh Dilawari, Dr. Ravinder Khanna present paper on reproduction of Images by Gamut Mapping and
Creation of New Test Charts in Prepress Process. The paper explains that Gamut mapping has been designed for
colour reproduction to produce identical picture at device output since keeping picture visualization uniformity is
problematic as each scanning device has its own colour and hence universal colour profiles are made by ICC to bring
uniformity in various types of devices. Keeping that colour profile in mind various new colour charts are created and
calibrated with the help of standard IT8 test charts available in the market.
Rametulla Ferati, Njazi Bytyqi, Elsana Aqifi present paper on Effects of application of standard ISO 9001 in
profitability of SME in the Republic of Macedonia. The paper explains the importance of implementation of ISO
9001 in the profitability of small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Macedonia. Our analysis has synthesized
succeeded benefits from the application of this standard based on theoretical and empirical research in recent years.