Author Topic: Middle Graded Offices of an Organization and Internet Use  (Read 2834 times)

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Middle Graded Offices of an Organization and Internet Use
« on: February 13, 2012, 04:10:31 am »
Author : Dr Irfan Zafar
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 3, Issue 1, January-2012
ISSN 2229-5518
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Abstract—This research project is a longitudinal field study designed to examine the antecedents and consequences of Office Internet use in middle graded employees of a government organization related to the research and development field of work. Does using the Internet affect Professional’s development? Do employees become efficient in their work? Does professional skills and performance suffer or improve? Does it help them to complete their official assignments? In this research study, a wealth of opinions and anecdotal evidence has attempted to answer these basic questions. At one extreme are the Internet enthusiasts who view Internet use as the panacea for all that plagues society, including inadequacies in the organizational system. At the other extreme are the Internet alarmists who view Internet use as undermining the very fabric of society, including the healthy development of its workmanship. Most people fall somewhere between these extremes. Most are waiting for research to answer these questions. This research is primarily aimed at finding the solution to the issues   agitating their minds pragmatically and in the light of detailed research undertaken.

Index Terms— Middle Gradeded officers, Internet Use, Social behavior, Professional skills, Official assignments. 
Does the use of Internet affect the Professional develop-ment, efficiency; skills, output and performance of the em-ployees in an organization are some of the pertinent questions which this research study will attempt to determine.

A group of 50 officers of an organization were selected to participate in the study of the social, professional and working effects of internet use during office hours. The said people have been provided with the facility of internet at their offices during the office timings.

The major effects under study are        (a) how frequently people use the internet during their working hours, (b) social behavior of the people using the interne; with their colleagues and staff, (c) improvement of the professional skills and knowledge and (d) the effect of the internet use on their work and tasks assigned by the organization/superiors.     


The selected participants in the project were all the medium-income middle graded officers (grade 17-19) containing male (80%) and female (20%), married (34%) and unmarried (66%). More than 90% of the selected people having age be-tween 25-35 years and 10% having 35-45 years

How frequently do People use the Internet during working hours?

Numerous surveys have attempted to measure how frequently people use the Internet at offices. Estimates vary from as high as several hours a day to as low as 1 hour daily, depending on how Internet use is measured (e.g., self-report, automatically recorded). It depends also on the following factors e.g., age of person, type of assignments and tasks. Despite high variability in the empirical estimates, general perception is that children spend a great deal of time online. Mostly people use the internet as a research tool while nearly every person uses E-mail daily.

This research observed multiple measures of Internet use to permit a more fine-grained analysis of how people are spending their time online. Analysis was carried out of the internet usage of the selected persons in the following dimensions; Email, Chatting, Research, Office assignments solutions, Entertainments, E-shopping.


Few studies and inconsistent findings render uncertain whether using the Internet has any influence on people's behavior with their colleagues and staff. On the one hand, time spent online isolates the people from each other. On the other hand, the Internet facilitates communication with geographically distant workmates and friends, and makes it easier to communicate frequently with those nearby. Two independent reviews of this research have concluded that there are few documented social effects, either positive or negative. We examined two types of social outcomes that may be influenced by Official's Internet use: the behavior and links of the officers with their colleagues and workmates and secondly their management and behavior with staff persons.

Internet's social impact may depend on using of tools to build new relationships and/or strengthen existing ones. Social impact may also depend on personal and situational factors which have yet to be identified. Alternatively, it may be that Internet use has no social impact. Like media that have preceded it (e.g., books), the Internet may be seamlessly integrated into people's ongoing lives.


As was the case for social outcomes, few studies have ex-amined the relationship between person's Internet use and its effect on the official assignments of the related person.

The efficiency of the workers (officer or staff) of an organiza-tion depends in the field of work of the related person, types of its assignments assigned to him, nature and competency of the person to extract the solution from the resources.

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