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Author : Babu Santhalingam, K. Revathi, J. Devi
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 10, October-2011
ISSN 2229-5518
Download Full Paper : PDF

Abstract: Data mining refers to extracting knowledge from large amount of data. Real life data mining approaches are interesting because they often present a different set of problems for data miners. Here the Study explored the extent of various mobile phone model and service providers usage among Students and staffs of various colleges and Universities in Kanchipuram. The analysis had been carried out by using a survey dataset and using the J48 decision tree algorithm implemented in Weka. The WEKA (Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis) system provides a Comprehensive suite of facilities for applying data mining techniques to large data sets. Additionally, the study determined Gender differences in Mobile Phone usage and duration details, Purpose of Mobile Phone usage, problems dealing with Mobile Phone, Satisfaction of the service provider, Type of service in terms of prepaid and post paid and General opinion of the respondents about MP. The data has collected from various colleges and universities in Kanchipuram, from the huge dataset the sample of (N= 158) Including Students and Staffs chosen randomly from SCSVMV university in 2011(Nov-Mar) for this study. The Method of Data collection was a questionnaire developed by the researcher.
Keywords: WEKA, J48, Data Mining, Mobile phone survey, Mobile phone usage, Mobile phone use pattern, problem mobile phone use.

The mobile phone has gained popularity among the teen in the world. Teens use their mobile phones in anytime and anyplace to maintain their social relationships as well as to have fun. The survey which was conducted to understand the usage of MP (Mobile Phone) and various service providers among students and staffs using the Data Mining Technique. We used Questionnaire as an instrument to collect the data. We received huge amount of data,  from the huge dataset the sample of N=158 Including Students and Staffs chosen randomly from SCSVMV university and used for this study .The analysis had been carried out by using a survey dataset and using the Data Miningís J48 decision tree algorithm implemented in Weka.

    The WEKA software was developed in the University of New Zealand. A number of data mining methods are implemented in the WEKA software. Some of them are based on decision trees like J48 decision tree, some are rule-based like ZeroR and decision tables, and some of them are based on probability and regression, like NaÔve Byeís algorithm. The data that is used for WEKA should be made into the ARFF (Attribute Relation file format) format and the file should have the extension dot ARFF (.arff). WEKA is a collection of machine learning algorithms for solving real world data mining problems. It is written in Java; WEKA runs on almost any platform and is available on the web at

    The J48 algorithm represents the implementation of the C4.5 algorithm. This implementation produces decision tree models. It recursively splits a data set according to tests on attribute values in order to separate the possible predictions. The algorithm uses the greedy technique to induce decision trees for classification. A decision-tree model is built by analyzing the training data and the model is used to classify the trained data. J48 generates decision trees. The node of the J48 decision trees evaluates the existence and the significance of every individual feature.

Respondents for the present study were selected using a random sampling technique. All students and staffs residing in various colleges and universities in Kanchipuram are invited to participate in the study. The Self-administered questionnaire developed and distributed to respondents and got back the reply.
    From the total of huge data the sample of 158 responses from SCSVMV University are selected and used for the study. Consequently 158 students comprising 92 males and 66 females were included this study. 97% of the respondents own MP where as 104 Members are using the MP >2 Years, 22 are using the MP <=1 Year, 27 are using the MP >1-2 Years and 5 are not having the MP.
    There are 22 varieties of MPís are in use, in that highly used MP brand is Nokia and 10 varieties of MP Service providers are in use in that Airtel is mostly used. Based on some attributes 134 service holders are satisfied with their provider, 19 are unsatisfied and 5 are not having the MP. In the General opinion 101 People thinks that MP may cause some side effects and rest of the 56 thinks that it doesnít affect and 153 says having a MP is Advantage and 5 said itís a Disadvantage.

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