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Author : M. D. Ananda Kumar and Ann Sandhya Michael
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 9, September-2011
ISSN 2229-5518
Download Full Paper : PDF

ABSTRACT¬¬- The feed supplement “SERIFEED” dusted (1g/sq.ft.) mulberry leaves were fed to the silkworm at four different levels in adult age. The experiment were carried during 5th instar, resulted increased ingesta in control, improved digesta even as larval weight, assimilation rate efficiency, efficiency of conversion of ingested food, efficiency of conversion of digested food, cocoon parameters and cocoon yield significantly increased in treated batches. Among the treated batches one time applied/day batch gave a significant increase in the thought-out parameters when compared with the control. The results of present study clearly designate the effectiveness of feed supplement ingredients on metabolic process and nucleic acid synthesis in silk gland cells there by improves the silk content in cocoon shell of silkworm. Bombyx mori. L, (Kolar Gold – PM X CSR2).
Keywords- feed supplement, serifeed, silkworm, cocoon, silk, silkworm.
The leaves of Morus species are the sole source of the food for silkworm, Bombyxmori.L, Nutritional quality of leaves plays a vital role in determining the health and growth of the larvae. The feeding of nutritionally enriched leaves showed better growth and development of silkworm larvae, as well as directly influence on the quality and quantity of silk production [1]. Nearly 70% of the silk proteins produced by silkworm are directly derived from the protein of mulberry leaves [2]. The silkworm larvae are highly sensitive and respond sharply to the changes of the leaf quality. Variations in the quality of the mulberry leaves and climatic factors are many times reflected on the performance of the cocoon production.
           Significance of research on effect of different fortification agents in silkworm nutrition can be judged from the principle of co-operating supplements [3]. Supplementary nutrients are when added to normal food increases the nutritional value of the food making it more useful (I). In recent years, several attempts has been made to fortify leaves with different beneficial nutrients such as carbohydrates [4], Proteins [5], Amino acids [6], Hormones [7], Chemicals and salts [8] and Combination of nutrients [9] to improve the quality of the cocoon crop. The earlier research works have evoked the effect of feed supplement on silkworm growth and silk productivity. However research on the synergistic action of combination of supplementary nutrients is very meager.
Hence the present investigation is to study the effect of feed supplement- a combination of nutrients on biological parameters such has nutritional and commercial characters of silkworm Bombyx mori. L.

           The disease free layings (eggs) of silkworm hybrid, Kolar Gold – PM X CSR2 were procured and after 3rd moult were selected for treatment and were divided into five experimental groups including control which are: T1 – One application/day, T2 – Two applications/day, T3 – Three applications/day, T4 – Four applications/day and control/maintained with out any application.   The feed utilization study was confined to 5th larval instar as 80-85% of total leaf consumption is in this instar. The healthy larvae were counted daily in each replicate and unequal, unhealthy/dead larvae were removed and replace by parallel maintained stock, if any. The leftover leaf, excreta and larval weight gain were recoded daily at 10.00 A.M. From these data, the nutritional indices like, ingesta, digesta, assimilation rate efficiency (ARE), efficiency of conversion of ingested food (ECI) and efficiency of digested food (ECD) were worked out on fresh weight basis as described by Waldbauer [10].
             The matured larvae were mounted and the cocoons were harvested on 5th day and used for calculation of commercial parameters such as cocoon weight, pupal weight, shell weight, shell weight percentage, filament length, weight of reeled silk were determined by the standard procedure [11]. Even cocoon production was also calculated by following the method of Rajegowda [9]. The collected data were subjected to statistical analysis of ANOVA [12].

          The results of the present work the effect of supplement ‘SERIFEED’ on biological parameters such as nutritional and commercial parameters in PM x CSR¬2 (Kolar gold) are summarized in Figers: 1-6 and Table-I.
      The mean body weight of 5th instar larvae was significantly increased in T1 treatment, where as in other treatments there was a marginal increase when compared with the control (Fig-1, P>0.05, F-4.83, T1-3.97±0.04, T2-3.82±0.06, T3-3.85±0.07, T4-3.84±0.04 and control-3.80±0.02). The increase of body weight in T1 treatment may be due to the fortification of leaf with the feed supplement “SERIFEED”. This implies that some of the essential nutrients in the feed supplement are responsible for the larval growth and perhaps the effective utility by the larvae. Similar results were reported Jeyapaul et al., [13] and Murugan et al., [14] who observed a significant increase larval weight in plant extract treated batches.

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