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Research Papers Published in April 2011 Edition
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An Integrated Partial Backlogging Inventory Model having weibull demand and variable deterioration rate with the effect of trade credit[Full-Text]
P.K. Tripathy, S. Pradhan

Demand considered in most of the classical inventory models is constant, while in most of the practical cases the demand changes with time. In this article, an inventory model is developed with time dependent two parameter weibull demand rate whose deterioration rate increases with time. Each cycle has shortages, which have been partially backlogged to suit present day competition in the market. Also the effect of permissible delay is also incorporated in this study. The total cost consists of ordering cost, inventory holding cost, shortage / backordering cost, lost sale cost and deterioration cost are formulated as an optimal control problem using trade credit policy. Optimal solution for the model is derived and the trade credit on the optimal replenishment policy are studied with the help of numerical examples.


Survey of Current and Future Trends in Security in Wireless Networks[Full-Text]
Vikas Solomon Abel

Security has always been a key issue with all the wireless networks since they have no physical boundaries. Many existing and evolving threats which must be considered to ensure the countermeasures are able to meet the security requirements of the environments for which it is expected to be deployed.


Anomalous hydrogen production during photolysis of NaHCO3 mixed water[Full-Text]
Muhammad Shahid, Noraih Bidin, Yacoob Mat Daud, Muhammad Talha, M.Inayat ullah

Production and enhancement of hydrogen on large scale is a goal towards the revolution of green and cheap energy. Utilization of hydrogen energy has many attractive features, including energy renewability, flexibility, and zero green house gas emissions. In this current research the production and the enhancement of hydrogen from the NaHCO3 mixed water have been investigated under the action of diode pumped solid state laser with second harmonic of wavelength 532nm. The efficiency of the hydrogen and oxygen yields was found to be greater than the normal Faradic efficiency. The parametric dependence of the yields as a function of laser irradiation time, Laser focusing effect and other parameters of the electrolysis fundamentals were carefully studied.


Peripheral Interface Controller based the Display Unit of Remote Display System[Full-Text]
May Thwe Oo

This paper expresses about how to construct the peripheral interface controller (PIC) based the display unit of the remote display system. The remote display system can be used to display the token number that is to know the people. It is also intended for use in clinic, hospitals, bank, and etc. In this research, the peripheral interface controller based remote display system is used for displaying the number and the character. The remote display system consists of two portions: display unit and console unit. The display unit of remote display system contains the display controller, three seven-segment Light Emitting Diode (LEDs), Diode matrix, Category display LEDs and DSUB9 connector. The display controller is controlled by the microcontroller PIC16F873. It controls to display the token numbers. And then it can control at the diode matrix to display the three kinds of character such as A, B, and C. The three numbers of seven-segment LEDs will display the token number from one to 999. The diode matrix helps to display the category display LEDs. The category display LEDs will display one kind of characters. In the research work, the category display LEDs can be displayed only three kinds of characters. For the display unit, the DSUB9 connector applies the data that is from the console unit of the remote display system. In this research work, the display unit works as the receiver the console unit works as the transmitter in remote display system. This paper explains about the design, construction, testing and result of a remote display system.


Training and Analysis of a Neural Network Model Algorithm[Full-Text]
Prof Gouri Patil

An algorithm is a set of instruction pattern given in an analytical process of any program/function-ale to achieve desired results. It is a model-programmed action leading to a desired reaction. A neural network is a self-learning mining model algorithm, which aligns/ learns relative to the logic applied in initiation of primary codes of network. Neural network models are the most suitable models in any management system be it business forecast or weather forecast. The paper emphasizes not only on designing, functioning of neural network models but also on the prediction errors in the network associated at every step in the design and function-ale process.


Wireless Sensor Network: A Review on Data Aggregation[Full-Text]
Kiran Maraiya, Kamal Kant, Nitin Gupta

Data aggregation is very crucial techniques in wireless sensor network. Because with the help of data aggregation we reduce the energy consumption by eliminating redundancy. When wireless sensor network deployed in remote areas or hostile environment. In the wireless sensor network have the most challenging task is a life time so with help of data aggregation we can enhance the lifetime of the network .In this paper we discuss the data aggregation approaches based on the routing protocols, the algorithm in the wireless sensor network. And also discuss the advantages and disadvantages or various performance measures of the data aggregation in the network.


Slant Transformation As A Tool For Pre-processing In Image Processing[Full-Text]
Nagaraj B Patil, V M Viswanatha, Dr. Sanjay Pande MB

The Slantlet Transform (SLT) is a recently developed multiresolution technique especially well-suited for piecewise linear data. The Slantlet transform is an orthogonal Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) with 2 zero moments and with improved time localization. It also retains the basic characteristics of the usual filterbank such as octave band characteristic and a scale dilation factor of two. However, the Slantlet transform is based on the principle of designing different filters for different scales unlike iterated filterbank approaches for the DWT. In the proposed system, Slantlet transform is implemented and used in Compression and Denoising of various input images. The performance of Slantlet Transform in terms of Compression Ratio (CR), Reconstruction Ratio (RR) and Peak-Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (PSNR) present in the reconstructed images is evaluated. Simulation results are discussed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method.


Separation of concerns in VoiceXML applications[Full-Text]
Sukhada P. Bhingarkar

Many commercial applications provide customer services over the web like flight tracking, emergency notification, order inquiry etc. VoiceXML is an enabling technology for creating streamlined speech-based interface for such web-based information services. Whereas in computing, aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm, which aims to increase modularity. AOP includes programming methods and tools that support the modularization of concerns at the level of the source code. The aim of this paper is to integrate AOP with VoiceXML. Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) encapsulates common low-level scattered code within reusable components called aspects. There are certain tags in VoiceXML like '<'nomatch'>', '<'noinput'>', '<'error'>' which appear commonly in every VoiceXML document. These tags can be considered as the concerns and can be put inside an aspect. This elimi-nates the need to programmatically write these tags in every VoiceXML document and modularizes the crosscutting-concerns.


Error of Approximation in Case of Definite Integrals[Full-Text]
Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Satya Narayan Mahto, Dhananjay Sharan

This paper proposes a method for computation of error of approximation involved in case of evaluation of integrals of single variable. The error associated with a quadrature rule provides information with a difference of approximation. In numerical integration, approximation of any function is done through polynomial of suitable degree but shows a difference in their integration integrated over some interval. Such difference is error of approximation. Sometime, it is difficult to evaluate the integral by analytical methods Numerical Integration or Numerical Quadrature can be an alternative approach to solve such problems. As in other numerical techniques, it often results in approximate solution. The Integration can be performed on a continuous function on set of data.


An Assessment model for Intelligence Competencies of Accounting Information Systems[Full-Text]
Mehdi Ghazanfari, Mostafa Jafari, Saeed Rouhani

Accounting Information Systems (AIS) as computer-based systems that processes financial information and supports decision tasks have been implemented in most organizations but, but they still encounter a lack of Intelligence in their decision-making processes. Models and methods to evaluate and assess the Intelligence-level of Accounting Information Systems can be useful in deploying suitable business intelligence (BI) services. This paper discusses BI Assessment criteria, fundamental structure and factors used in the Assessment model. Factors and the proposed model can assess the intelligence of Accounting Information Systems to achieve enhanced decision support in organizations. The statistical analysis identified five factors of the Assessment model. This model helps organizations to design, buy and implement Accounting Information Systems for better decision support. The study also provides criteria to help organizations and software vendors implement AIS from decision support perspectives.


Processing of Images based on Segmentation Models for Extracting Textured component[Full-Text]
V M Viswanatha, Nagaraj B Patil, Dr. Sanjay Pande MB

The method for segmentation of color regions in images with textures in adjacent regions being different can be arranged in two steps namely color quantization and segmentation spatially. First, colors in the image are quantized to few representative classes that can be used to differentiate regions in the image. The image pixels are then replaced by labels assigned to each class of colors. This will form a class-map of the image. A mathematical criteria of aggregation and mean value is calculated. Applying the criterion to selected sized windows in the class-map results in the highlighted boundaries. Here high and low values correspond to possible boundaries and interiors of color texture regions. A region growing method is then used to segment the image.


An Adaptive and Efficient XML Parser Tool for Domain Specific Languages[Full-Text]
W. Jai Singh, S. Nithya Bala

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a standard and universal language for representing information. XML has become integral to many critical enterprise technologies with its ability to enable data interoperability between applications on different platforms. Every application that processes information from XML documents needs an XML Parser which reads an XML document and provides interface for user to access its content and structure. However the processing of xml documents has a reputation of poor performance and a number of optimizations have been developed to address this performance problem from different perspectives, none of which have been entirely satisfactory. Hence, in this paper we developed a Fast Parser tool for domain specific languages. In this we can execute Parser user friendly without having any constraints.


Research Papers Published in April 2011 Edition
Full Paper Download:
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