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Research Papers Published in April 2011 Edition
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Haptic Training Method Using a Nonlinear Joint Control[Full-Text]
Jarillo-Silva Alejandro, Domínguez-Ramírez Omar A., Parra-Vega Vicente

There are many research works on robotic devices to assist in movement training following neurologic injuries such as stroke with effects on upper limbs. Conventional neurorehabilitation appears to have little impact on spontaneous biological recovery; to this end robotic neurorehabilitation has the potential for a greater impact. Clinical evidence regarding the relative effectiveness of different types of robotic therapy controllers is limited, but there is initial evidence that some control strategies are more effective than others. This paper consider the contribution on a haptic training method based on kinesthetic guidance scheme with a non linear control law (proxybased second order sliding mode control) with the human in the loop, and with purpose to guide a human user's movement to move a tool (pen in this case) along a predetermined smooth trajectory with finite time tracking, the task is a real maze. The path planning can compensate for the inertial dynamics of changes in direction, minimizing the consumed energy and increasing the manipulability of the haptic device with the human in the loop. The Phantom haptic device is used as experimental platform, and the experimental results demonstrate.


Prevalence of Eating Disorder among Female Students of Tonekaban University[Full-Text]

The aim of this research is to study the prevalence of eating disorder amongst female students of Tonekabon University.MATERIAL AND METHOD: The community being studied are the female students of Tonekabon University.300 students were randomly selected and requested to complete the 'eating attitude test-26'. RESULT:The results show that, based on the eat-26 test criteria, from the total population under study,61 students, equivalequivalence of 20.33% of the total number of students were diagnosed with eating disorder.


Impact Of Leverage On Firms Investment Decision[Full-Text]
Franklin John. S, Muthusamy. K

The present paper is aimed at analyzing the impact of leverage on firm's investment decision of Indian pharmaceutical companies during the period from 1998 to 2009. To measure the impact of leverage on firm's investment decision, pooling regression, random and fixed effect models are used by taking, leverage, sales, cash flow, Return on Asset, Tobin's Q, liquidity and retained earnings as independent variable and investment as dependent variable. In addition , we demarcate between three types of firms (i) Small firms, (ii) Medium firms and (iii)Large firms. The results reveal that a significant positive relationship between leverage and investment, while we found a negative relationship between leverage investment for medium firms and positive relationship between leverage and investment in large firms. Our econometric results reveal an insignificant relationship between the two variables for medium and large firms.


Effect of Nanofluid Concentration on the Performance of Circular Heat Pipe[Full-Text]
M. G. Mousa

The goal of this paper is to experimentally study the behavior of nanofluid to improve the performance of a circular heat pipe. Pure water and Al2O3-water based nanofluid are used as working fluids. An experimental setup is designed and constructed to study the heat pipe performance under different operating conditions. The effect of filling ratio, volume fraction of nano-particle in the base fluid, and heat input rate on the thermal resistance is investigated. Total thermal resistance of the heat pipe for pure water and Al2O3-water based nanofluid is also predicted. An experimental correlation is obtained to predict the influence of Prandtl number and dimensionless heat transfer rate, Kq on thermal resistance. Thermal resistance decreases with increasing Al2O3-water based nanofluid compared to that of pure water. The experimental data is compared to the available data from previous work. The agreement is found to be fairly good.


Enhancement of person identification using Iris pattern[Full-Text]
Vanaja roselin.E.Chirchi, Dr.L.M.Waghmare, E.R.Chirchi

The biometric person identification technique based on the pattern of the human iris is well suited to be applied to access control. Security systems having realized the value of biometrics for two basic purposes: to verify or identify users. In this busy world, identification should be fast and efficient. In this paper we focus on an efficient methodology for identification and verification for iris detection using Haar wavelet and the classifier used is Minimum hamming distance, even when the images have obstructions, visual noise and different levels of illuminations.


Mn DOPED SnO2 Semiconducting Magnetic Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis Method[Full-Text]
K.Vadivel, V.Arivazhagan, S.Rajesh

Semiconducting magnetic thin films of SnO2 doped with Mn was prepared by spray pyrolysis method. The polycrystalline nature of the films with tetragonal structure was observed from X-ray Diffractometer. The calculated crystalline size was 16-22 nm and the lattice constant is a=4.73A◦ and c=3.17A◦. The compositional studies give the weight percentage of the used materials. The absorption edge starts with 294 nm and rise in transmittance spectra shows the nanocrystalline effect of as deposited films. The calculated band gap from the absorption coefficient is 3.25 eV which greater than the bulk band gap of Tin oxide. The electrical properties of the prepared films also reported in this paper.


A novel comprehensive method for real time Video Motion Detection Surveillance[Full-Text]
Sumita Mishra, Prabhat Mishra, Naresh K Chaudhary, Pallavi Asthana

This paper describes a comprehensive system for surveillance and monitoring applications. The development of an efficient real time video motion detection system is motivated by their potential for deployment in the areas where security is the main concern. The paper presents a platform for real time video motion detection and subsequent generation of an alarm condition as set by the parameters of the control system. The prototype consists of a mobile platform mounted with RF camera which provides continuous feedback of the environment. The received visual information is then analyzed by user for appropriate control action, thus enabling the user to operate the system from a remote location. The system is also equipped with the ability to process the image of an object and generate control signals which are automatically transmitted to the mobile platform to track the object.


Handoff Analysis for UMTS Environment[Full-Text]
Pankaj Rakheja, Dilpreet Kaur, Amanpreet Kaur

UMTS is one of the third generation mobile telecommunication technologies. It supports various multimedia applications and services at an enhanced data rate with better security. It also supports mobile users and for that there is a process called handover where new channels are assigned to the user when it moves from a region covered by one node to a region covered by other node. In this paper we are analysing the effect of handover over the performance of the system.


Performance and Emission Characteristics of Stationary CI Engine with Cardnol Bio fuel blends[Full-Text]
Mallikappa, Rana Pratap Reddy, Ch.S.N.Muthy

The compression ignition engine is the most popularly used prime mover. The compression ignition (CI) engine moves a large portion of the world's goods & generates electricity more economically than any other device in their size range [1]. All most all the CI engines use diesel as a fuel, but the diesel is one of the largest contributors to environmental pollution problems. The application of bio diesel as a substitute for conventional petroleum fuel in diesel engine gain ever increasing demand throughout the world wide, because it is produced from renewable resources, bio degradable and potential to exhaust emissions & use of bio diesel in diesel engines generates rural employment opportunities by cultivating such oil producing crops[1-5]. In this research work the detailed investigation on performance and emission characteristics of four stroke single cylinder engine with variable loads were studied, cardnol bio fuel volumetric blends like 0, 10, 15, 20%, and 25% were used. The results indicate that brake power increases (by 76% approximately) as load increases. Brake specific energy con-version decreases (by 30-40 % approximately) with increase in load. Brake thermal efficiency increases with higher loads and emission levels (HC, CO, NOX) were nominal up to 20% blends.


Morphological Space and Transform System[Full-Text]
Ramkumar P.B, Pramod K.V

Mathematical Morphology in its original form is a set theoretical approach to image analysis. It studies image transformations with a simple geometrical interpretation and their algebraic decomposition and synthesis in terms of elementary set operations. Mathematical Morphology has taken concepts and tools from different branches of mathematics like algebra (lattice theory), topology, discrete geometry, integral geometry, geometrical probability, partial differential equations, etc. In this paper ,a generalization of morphological terms is introduced. In connection with the algebraic generalization.Morphological operators can easily be defined by using this structure. This can provide information about operators and other tools within the system.


Bus Proximity Indicator - (An Intelligent Bus Stop)[Full-Text]
Prof. A.P. Thakare, Mr. Vinod H. Yadav

It is always a good idea that a bus commuter waiting at a stop gets to know how far a bus is. If his route of travel happens to be common for more than one bus- route number, it is even better for him to know which is the nearest bus or the earliest arriving bus. This will enable him to opt for the bus or some other mode of commuting. This becomes very useful for the physically challenged commuter, as after knowing in advance the bus arrival s/he will be ready to accommodate in the bus. A thought of project "Bus Proximity Indicator" is the best solution for the above situation and is best suitable for the B.E.S.T. (The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport) In this a wireless RF linkage between a certain bus and a bus stop can be used for determination of the bus proximity that help's commuter to know how far his bus is. This project tells him the Bus number, bus name and the approaching time by displaying it on the LCD which is on the bus stop. This project also satisfies the need of automization in bus services.


Designing aspects of Artificial Neural Network controller[Full-Text]
Navita Sajwan, Kumar Rajesh

In this paper important fundamental steps in applying artificial neural network in the design of intelligent control systems is discussed. Architecture including single layered and multi layered of neural networks are examined for controls applications. The importance of different learning algorithms for both linear and nonlinear neural networks is developed. The problem of generalization of the neural networks in control systems together with some possible solutions are also included.


Handwritten Character Recognition using Neural Network[Full-Text]
Chirag I Patel, Ripal Patel, Palak Patel

Objective is this paper is recognize the characters in a given scanned documents and study the effects of changing the Models of ANN.Today Neural Networks are mostly used for Pattern Recognition task. The paper describes the behaviors of different Models of Neural Network used in OCR. OCR is widespread use of Neural Network. We have considered parameters like number of Hidden Layer, size of Hidden Layer and epochs. We have used Multilayer Feed Forward network with Back propagation. In Preprocessing we have applied some basic algorithms for segmentation of characters, normalizing of characters and De-skewing. We have used different Models of Neural Network and applied the test set on each to find the accuracy of the respective Neural Network.


Improved Performance of M-ary PPM in Different Free-Space Optical Channels due to Reed Solomon Code Using APD[Full-Text]
Nazmi A. Mohammed, Mohammed R. Abaza and Moustafa H. Aly

Atmospheric turbulence induced fading is one of the main impairments affecting the operation of free-space optical (FSO) communication systems. In this paper, the bit error rate (BER) of M-ary pulse position modulation (M-ary PPM) of direct-detection and avalanche photodiode (APD) based is analyzed. Both log-normal and negative exponential fading channels are evaluated. The investigation discusses how the BER performance is affected by the atmospheric conditions and other parameters such as the forward error correction using Reed Solomon (RS) codes and increasing Modulation level. Results strongly indicate that, RS-coded M-ary PPM are well performing for the FSO links as it reduces the average power required per bit to achieve a BER below 10^-9 in both turbulence channels.


Electricity Sector Restructuring Experience of different Countries[Full-Text]
Archana Singh, Prof. D.S.Chauhan

Electricity Market from economic, regulatory and engineering perspective is a very demanding system to control .There is requirement of provision of cost efficiency, lower impact of environment alongwith maintenance of security of supply for use of competition and regulation in the electricity market. Many countries due to failure of its system for adequately management of electricity companies, followed restructuring for its electricity sector. In various countries, different restructuring models were experimented but in the initial phase restructuring was opposed by the parties favouring existing vertically integrated electricity sector. In the paper , restructuring experience of different countries are outlined.


Research Papers Published in April 2011 Edition
Full Paper Download:
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