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Research Papers - IJSER, Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2011
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Research Papers Published in February 2011 Edition
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A study of application of Data Mining in demonstrating Business Intelligence[Full-Text]
A.Mohammed Khalid Kaleem, B .Mohammed Iquebal Akhter

Business intelligence (BI) has been referred to as the process of making better decisions through the use of people, processes, data and related tools and methodologies. Data mining is the extraction of hidden stating information from large databases. It is a powerful new technology with large potential to help the company's to focus on the most necessary information in the data warehouse. This study gives us an idea of how data mining is applied in exhibiting business intelligence thereby helping the organizations to make better decisions.


Design and Implementation of Mobile and Internet Product Access Information and Its Administration System[Full-Text]
Yoong Cheah Huei, Lim Chin Wee, Koh Zheng Kang and Nelson Chin Rong Jie

Internet has become a ubiquitous access to information. Mobile smart phones are becoming popular today as well in the area of interactive information retrieval. Many applications are developed on these mobile intelligent machines. This paper presents the design and implementation of a seamless distributed product access information system that can be accessed through Internet and/or Google Android smart phones. The system uses a hybrid approach of master-slave and peer-to-peer communication models. This system may help to increase business activities in an area because consumers can access to more information about products that they are interested to purchase anywhere with Internet connection and any time. In addition, these customers are able to know about shops that sell a particular product, including the price and the shops addresses. This might help to save their shops hunting time. The main purpose of the administration system is to help the administrator manage the system.


Optimized AES Rijndael implementation on embedded controller R8C[Full-Text]
R.Elumalai, Dr.A.R.Reddy

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Rijndael algorithm has gained popularity as it is deployed in various embedded systems. Realization of AES algorithm on microcontroller with minimum memory will be useful for deploying it in low cost applications. R8C microcontroller from Renesas is one of the popular microcontrollers in industrial application, being low cost and versatile processor having all peripherals like three UART, three timers, SSU, I2C, LIN, USB, 10 channels ADC with operating frequency at 20MHz. This paper discusses the implementation of AES on R8C controller its speed and memory requirement for the same.


Use of Frequency Modulation Technique to Improve Security System[Full-Text]
Shaikh Md. Rubayiat Tousif, Shaiyek Md. Buland Taslim

A wireless fire alarm and other passive circuit elements has been designed and implemented. The designed alarm circuit could detect any kind of smoke and generate an alarm signal that would be sent to the control room by frequency modulation technique. The designed transmitter could operate around 100 MHz. A monopole antenna has been used for transmitting the signal carrying the information in the free space. An antenna length of 41cm has been used for the design convenience. The transmitting signal has been successfully received at a distance of 53 feet without any disturbance by FM receiver. The operating frequency of the transmitter was found out to be 97 MHz and comparison shows a very good agreement between the measured value and the calculated value. The designed wireless fire alarm has been very dynamic in terms of performance and the transmitter part successfully demonstrates the basic principle of FM transmitter.


Design of Low-Power CMOS Cell Structures Using Subthreshold Conduction Region[Full-Text]
Vishal Sharma, Sanjay Kumar

Subthreshold (leakage or cut-off) currents are a necessary evil in traditional VLSI design methodologies. These currents increase exponentially as threshold voltage scales, creating a serious problem for traditional design approaches. This work is based on the exclusive use of subthreshold conduction currents to perform circuit operations, turning this problem into an opportunity. It yields a dramatic improvement in power consumption compared to traditional circuit design approaches. This improvement makes it feasible to design extreme low-power circuits with such an approach. The CMOS digital circuits for this work have been designed using standard TSMC 0.18 μm Technology.


Shake-down Satellites on core-level regions of the XPS for Europium (III) Compounds[Full-Text]
Dr. Sameer Sinha, Ajay Vikram Singh

We have observed "shake-down" and "shake-up" satellites evidenced on core-level regions of the XPS binding energy data base for europium(III) compounds, in which Eu cation have various chemical environments: simple oxide Eu2O3 , Eu mixed oxides with organic oxalate, acetylacetonate [Eu(CH3COOCH3)3] or inorganic sulfate [Eu2(SO4)3] , Nitrate [Eu(NO3)3] , carbonate [ Eu2(CO3)3 , Eu2(C2O4)3 ] ligands.


An Efficient Key Management Scheme for Wireless Network[Full-Text]
Yogendra Kumar Jain, Vismay Jain

Sensor networks have great potential to be employed in mission critical situations like battlefields but also in more everyday security and commercial applications such as building and traffic surveillance, habitat monitoring and smart homes etc. However, wireless sensor networks pose unique security challenges. While the deployment of sensor nodes in an unattended environment makes the networks vulnerable to a variety of potential attacks, the inherent power and memory limitations of sensor nodes makes conventional security solutions unfeasible. Key Management is a major challenge to achieve security in wireless sensor networks. In most of the schemes presented for key management in wireless sensor networks, it is assumed that the sensor nodes have the same capability. This research presents a security framework WSNSF (Wireless Sensor Networks Security Framework) to provide a comprehensive security solution against the known attacks in sensor networks. The proposed framework consists of four interacting components: a secure triple-key (STKS) scheme, secure routing algorithms (SRAs), a secure localization technique (SLT) and a malicious node detection mechanism. Singly, each of these components can achieve certain level of security. However, when deployed as a framework, a high degree of security is achievable. WSNSF takes into consideration the communication and computation limitations of sensor networks. While there is always a tradeoff between security and performance, experimental results prove that the proposed framework can achieve high degree of security, transmission overheads and perfect resilience against node capture.


A novel fast version of particle swarm optimization method applied to the problem of optimal capacitor placement in radial distribution systems[Full-Text]
M.Pourmahmood Aghababa, A.M.Shotorbani, R.Alizadeh, R.M.Shotorbani

Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a popular and robust strategy for optimization problems. One main difficulty in applying PSO to real-world applications is that PSO usually needs a large number of fitness evaluations before a satisfying result can be obtained. This paper presents a modified version of PSO method that can converge to the optima with less function evaluation than standard PSO. The main idea is inserting two additional terms to the particles velocity expression. In any iteration, the value of the objective function is a criterion presenting the relative improvement of current movement with respect to the previous one. Therefore, the difference between the values of the objective function in subsequent iterations can be added to velocity of particles, interpreted as the particle acceleration. By this modification, the convergence becomes fast due to new adaptive step sizes. This new version of PSO is called Fast PSO (FPSO). To evaluate the efficiency of FPSO, a set of benchmark functions are employed, and an optimal capacitor selection and placement problem in radial distribution systems is evaluated in order to minimize cost of the equipment, installation and power loss under the additional constraints. The results show the efficiency and superiority of FPSO method rather than standard PSO and genetic algorithm.


An Effiecient Modeling Technique for Heart Sounds and Murmurs[Full-Text]
Kiran Kumari Patil, Dr.B.S Nagabhushan, Dr. Vijaya Kumar B.P

Cardiac auscultation is highly subjective and a cognitive process and the amount information that can be obtained by listening heart sounds largely depends on the expertise, experience and acuity of the ear of the physician. In general, the classification and interpretation of heart sounds and murmurs is based on a adjective 0-6/6 grade scale and described by using "faint", "soft", "loud", " high pitch", "clear", "thrill", "tremor", "musical" and others terms. These terms are not well-defined and suitable mathematical models are not available. Apart from that, the adjective scales vary among the doctors and difficult to derive a standard model for heart sound quality and correct clinical interpretation. In this research paper, we propose a novel framework based on psychoacoustic principles and derive psychoacoustic models for the heart sounds and murmurs. We discuss the theoretical foundations, psychoacoustic principles and derive the mathe-matical models for the psychoacoustic features such as loudness, sharpness, intensity, strength, roughness, tonality etc. for a set of heart sounds and murmurs. The proposed framework helps in deriving heart sound quality and also used for the comparison and correlation with normal and pathologic murmurs and enhances clinical decisions.


Oscillation Properties of Solutions for Certain Nonlinear Difference Equations of Third Order[Full-Text]
B.Selvaraj, I.Mohammed Ali Jaffer

In this paper some sufficient conditions for the oscillation of all solutions of certain difference equations are obtained. Examples are given to illustrate the results.


Modeling and Detecting Damage in Rails & Avoidance of collision in the Tracks[Full-Text]
Ramesh Shunmugam, Ramesh.K

One of the major problems that railroads have faced since the earliest days is the prevention of service failures in track. As is the case with all modes of high-speed travel, Rail is manufactured in different weights; there are different rail conditions wear, corrosion etc. present there are a significant number of potential defects possible and the task has to be performed with some speed to reliably inspect the thousands of miles of track stretching across the land failures of an essential component can have serious consequences. The main problem about a railway analysis is detection of cracks in the structure. If these deficiencies are not controlled at early stages they might cause huge economical problems affecting the rail network unexpected requisition of spare parts, handling of incident and/or accidents. The main part of the work was to carry out a feasibility study on two methods for detection of cracks in the tracks and avoidance of the collision between the rails. The detection of cracks can be identified using the UVRays, CAN Controller & GSM. The avoidance of collision can be carried out using IR Rays.


Comparative Study of Scheduling Algorithms in WiMAX[Full-Text]
Mohammed Sabri Arhaif

In recent years, telecommunication operators are constantly seeking more efficient wireless broadband service, while telecommunication technology is continuously upgrading its access network technologies to cope with the high demands for high-speed internet access and multimedia service by end-users. WiMAX seems to be the solution as it is able to provide easy deployment, high speed data rate and wide range coverage. Most importantly, WiMAX provides Quality of Service (QoS) that can support all kinds of real-time application in wireless networks that includes priority scheduling and queuing for bandwidth allocation that is based on traffic scheduling algorithms within wireless networks.


Utility of PSO For Loss Minimization and Enhancement of Voltage Profile Using UPFC[Full-Text]
A.S Kannan, R. Kayalvizhi

The loss minimization is a major role in Power System (PS) research. Transmission line losses in a PS can be reduced by Var compensation. After the establishment of power markets with transmission open access, the significance and use of Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices for manipulating line power flows to relieve congestion and maximize the overall grid operation have been increased. This paper presents a method to provide simultaneous or individual controls of basic system parameters like transmission voltage, impedance and phase angle, which are controlling by using Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) method is used to compute the power flow in optimum value. The performance of this technique is tested using IEEE - 14 bus system through the MatLab/Simulink simulation software package. The simulation results of test power system show that the location of the UPFC has been able to enhance the voltage level of the test power system and also minimize the transmission line losses.


Software Process Models and Analysis on Failure of Software Development Projects[Full-Text]
Rupinder Kaur, Dr. Jyotsna Sengupta

The software process model consists of a set of activities undertaken to design, develop and maintain software systems. A variety of software process models have been designed to structure, describe and prescribe the software development process. The software process models play a very important role in software development, so it forms the core of the software product. Software project failure is often devastating to an organization. Schedule slips, buggy releases and missing features can mean the end of the project or even financial ruin for a company. Oddly, there is disagreement over what it means for a project to fail. In this paper, discussion is done on current process models and analysis on failure of software development, which shows the need of new research.


Theory of Infinite Dimensions & Parallel Universe[Full-Text]
Vikrant Saxena

Theory of universe is an ultimate topic of debate since past centuries, its beginning, and existence and how it will going to end is remained a question, without any concrete evidence to prove it. Parallel universe is also a nice topic for brainstorming and its proof. I have deducted many innovative Ideas and concrete proofs to solve this problem and developed a satisfactory theory underlying the universe.

Research Papers Published in February 2011 Edition
Full Paper Download:
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