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Author : S. Biswal, G.S. Ray, A. Mishra
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 6, June-2011
ISSN 2229-5518
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Abstract - The effect of free convection and mass transfer in the unsteady flow of an incompressible electrically conducting visco-elastic past an isothermal vertical porous plate with constant suction normal to the plate has been studied. The effects of permeability parameter (Kp) of the porous medium, rotation parameter (R), Grashof number for heat transfer (Gr), Grashof number for mass transfer (Gm), frequency parameter () and the heat source parameter (0) on the transient primary and secondary velocity field, temperature field and the rate of heat transfer have been investigated with the help of graphs and tables.
Key words - Hydrodynamic flow, mass transfer, rotating fluid, porous medium, isothermal plate.

THE problem of hydrodynamic free convection flow of a rotating viscoelastic fluid has received a considerable attention of many researchers because of its applications in cosmical and geophysical science. These problems are of general interest in the field of atmospheric and oceanic circulations, nuclear reactors, power transformers and in the field of scientific and industrial research. Permeable porous plates are used in the filtration process and also for a heated body to keep its temperature constant and to make the heat insulation of the surface more effective.
   Several authors have discussed the flow of a viscous fluid in a rotating system in the presence and absence of magnetic field. Reptis and Singh [1] have reported the effect of rotation on the free convection MHD flow past an accelerated vertical plate. Singh[2] has studied the unsteady free convection flow of a viscous liquid through a rotating porous medium. Dash and Biswal [3] have investigated the effect of free convection on the flow of an elasto-viscous fluid past an exponentially accelerated vertical plate. Dash and Ojha[4] have analysed the effect of free convection current on the flow of an electrically conducting fluid past an accelerated vertical infinite plate with variable suction and internal heat generation Sachti and Singh[5] have studied the free convection flow through a vertical channel in a rotating porous medium Sattar[6] has investigated the free convection and mass transfer flow through a porous medium past at infinite vertical porous plate with time dependent temperature and concentration.
Rath and Bastia[7] have analysed the steady flow and heat transfer in a visco-elastic fluid between two coaxial rotating disks. Mukherjee and Mukherijee[8] have studied the unsteady axisymmetric rotational flow of elastico-viscous liquid. Datta and Jana[9] have investigated the problem of flow and heat transfer in an elastico-viscous liquid over an oscillating plate in a rotating frame.
The present study considers the simultaneous effect of heat and mass transfer on the hydrodynamic free convection flow of a rotating viscoelastic fluid past an infinite vertical isothermal porous plate.

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