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Users’ Perception Towards “Cloud Computing”
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:59:02 am »
Author : Bita Motamedian
International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research Volume 2, Issue 6, June-2011
ISSN 2229-5518
Download Full Paper : PDF

Abstract— In general, “Cloud Computing” is the provision of web-based services, located on remote computers, allowing individuals and businesses to use software and hardware managed by third parties. As nowadays more organizations consider moving their applications and data from dedicated hosting infrastructure that they own and operate to share-infrastructure leased from “cloud” or “cloud computing”, I clarify in this survey the popularity rate of this concept and its usage besides the reasons and concerns of using “cloud” related services among people with various positions and abilities.
Index Terms— Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Cloud Providers, Cloud Offerings

1   INTRODUCTION                                                                      
THIS survey concerns the perception of people at various levels towards “cloud computing” concept and its usage, their main reasons for using utility computing, and their main concerns on demand infrastructure.
  As organizations cope with a dynamically changing business environment, IT managers look to cloud computing as a means to maintain a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that enables business agility.  To use cloud computing utilities and services, it is vital that people accept and trust cloud computing. IT managers tend to know the level of basic knowledge about this concept by their organizations’ employees and their clients or customers to whom they are providing products and services.
  While the literature on “cloud computing” is exten-sive in its technical, structure and security sections, much work remains to be done on the users’ perception and their expectations of this evolving concept that seems to be the next revolution in IT industry.
  Although this study might be found interesting and found to contain useful information about the Internet users’ perception toward the “cloud”, it has a number of limitations. As a case in point, this study was con-ducted in just some specific regions and focused on specific job positions. Although, I already have covered a relatively broad range of countries, further researches on other job positions should be done to verify the result(s) of this study on a broader scale.

I surveyed 183 persons with different categories including IT specialists, professors and employees in IT, software and hardware related works as well as common Internet users. All of them were asked to respond anonymously to my online questionnaire  which includes 25 questions [see Appendix A]. In all, roughly 52 people responded to the survey, yielding a response rate of 28.41%.
  This survey was performed over a period of 5 days from 11th to 16th May 2011 and the questionnaire was distributed among people in France, Germany, Sweden, England, US, Canada, Australia, India, Iran, UAE, Mal-dives and Malaysia. The 52 responses came from all regions.

The survey was a set of questions administered through a Google Docs Form, consisting of multiple-choice, check-boxes and range-based questions.
In this part I review the results of the study and I focus on patterns and differences among segments.

3.1   Respondents
In order to segment the respondents’ answers and to understand who was responding, a few questions of my questionnaire were about their background. The sample is heavily biased towards my colleagues, my professors and my friends in the mentioned regions.

3.1.1 Are you familiar with "Cloud Computing"?
As I wanted to analyze the concept of “cloud com-puting” towards both IT experts and those who are not directly related to IT industry, the first question of the questionnaire was about their general vision about it.  The received data shows that 23% of the respondents were not familiar with “Cloud Computing” at all, which is a high rate and shows that in order to make it known and possibly popular, more efforts are needed.

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