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Title: Volume 3, Issue 2,February 2012 , By IJSER Editorial Board
Post by: ijser.editor on April 12, 2014, 02:06:44 pm
It is my great pleasure and honour to serve as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Scientific and
Engineering Research (IJSER). We decided to enhance the value of this long-standing journal in the field of
interdisciplinary areas. As many readers are aware, papers in the IJSER appear in the Google Scholar database. In
2010, we launched a website for this journal ( in collaboration with several International
Conferences across the world. This will allow anyone to read any paper published in the IJSER since 2010 free of
charge as soon as it is published. We would like to stress that this innovation provides a valuable forum for the
timely dissemination of ideas, observations and data that will be readily available to doctors and scientists all over
the world. Of course, you can claim your originality with papers published in the IJSER.
We would also like to somewhat widen the scope of this journal. The founding statement announced that the
Journal will publish original reports of studies in the areas of science and engineering including its related fields,
together with reviews, symposia, short communications, notes, and references. Of these, we would like to add case
reports and hypotheses, both of which are now becoming more and more difficult to publish in other publications in
English. It is our belief that IJSER can also play a valuable role in expanding the archives of precious real time cases
and original hypotheses based on sound observations. Our emphasis will be on the quality of the case reports and
hypothesis papers. Those failing to meet with the highest standards will be rejected.
Lastly, allow me to mention some historical aspects and the past achievements of the IJSER. The contributions of the
authors of this journal after a thorough search and review are considered, we were fortunate enough in past years
to find a copy of the premier publication of this journal. The reason it was not found much earlier was that it was
published under the name of the “Analysis of Face Recognition in MATLAB” in current editions. We only came across
its current title in the Current Issue. The IJSER paper most frequently cited in the literature was authored. The
number of IJSER articles and the total number of times the journal are cited extensively.
If you have any questions or comments about the Journal, or would like to receive a printed copy of the most recent
volume of the Journal, please contact the Editor board from The Journal is
available online, please visit the following website:

The Editorial Board (