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Title: Volume 3, Issue 3, March 2012 , By IJSER Editorial Board
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The Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research (IJSER) was born practically with an independent idea of bringing
the research work to the wider world as an open access journal, which was conceived for starting in the year 2010.
The aim was to provide a forum to bring together scientists and engineers, particularly the users of multidisciplinary
areas of Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications. The first issue of IJSER was formed 2 years ago, with topics
that look new even today, such as “An Effective Approach for Protecting Web from SQL Injection Attacks”. The
concerns existed, as exemplified in the paper some SQL injection effects on the WWW.
The scope of the current issue Journal was defined shortly after ICNCS’12 sponsored the symposia in India in Jan
2012, announcing that it would publish new technical and scientific papers, accounts of research and development in
progress, abstracts of thesis and other information relevant to Technical Industry and research. Since the ICNCS’12
was announced, the published papers were prepared especially for the journal in order to produce the high quality
and pertinent documents that every person working in web and cyber security. Many people are involved in this
process, beginning with the authors who submit their papers and the materials needed during the page setting, the
reviewers by lending their expertise and time, giving their opinions on technical, scientific, mathematical and
experimental analysis, as well as state of the art. The reviewers comments are useful in helping the Editorial Board
make decisions regarding acceptance of a given paper; providing criticisms that help the authors to improve their
papers as well as, maintaining the quality and pertinence of the IJSER. The conference turned out to be a huge
success and the so the quality of papers publishes under the name of IJSER was another success to discuss. (