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Title: IJSER Tv (Videos)
Post by: ijser.editor on November 17, 2013, 02:38:59 pm
IJSER's new initiative for Interactive Online content, a social platform where you can share your videos with the authors across the globe.
Where authors can give feedback about your video, or can discuss about the topic you shared with authors. (

If you have any of your videos available, you can send it to us (, we'll publish it on IJSER Tv (
You can send following type of videos ( personal academic videos )-

- Video where you can talk about yourself and your expertise
- Any research topic you are explaining
- Your thoughts on research publication.
- Any guidance for the authors/ research scholar

You can share your youtube video links , or upload video on ( send the link to us)
 - Title of the video
 - Your name and  other details you want to update on the video page.
 - 2-3 lines about the video content